April 24, 2024

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On The Air

Image by John DiLiberto from Pixabay

Our Repeaters

  • VE3YQT: Mount Baldy (Mount Baldy Rd., Thunder Bay)
  • VE3BGA: Loch Lomond (Loch Lomond Rd., Thunder Bay)
  • VE3TBR: St. Joseph’s (Martha St., Thunder Bay)
  • VE3UPP: Upsala (Upsala, ON)
147.060 (-0.600)
146.820 (-0.600) [107.2]
144.390 [APRS]
147.390 (+0.600) [107.2]147.470 (-0.600)

In Person

We have monthly meetings on the second non-holiday Thursday of the month. September through June. The location will be posted on the site.


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